About Us

"Not-for-profit, not for charity, but for service," is the motto that gave birth to credit unions more than 80 years ago.

Jefferson County Teachers Credit Union was chartered in June of 1964 for the sole purpose of serving its members by pooling of savings and lending of funds. The credit union is governed by a Board of Directors selected by the membership at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. We have five Board members and three Supervisory Committee members.

 In addition to sound management, Jefferson County Teachers Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), the federal fund created by Congress in 1970 to insure member's deposits in federally insured credit unions. Administered by the National Credit Union Administration, the NCUSIF is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

JCTCU serves the employees of the Jefferson County School Board, Employees of the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners, Employees of the City of Monticello, Employees of Aucilla Christian Academy, Employees of the Jefferson County Senior Citizens Center, Employees of Aucilla Solid Waste Administration, Employees of the Jefferson County Health Department, Employees of this Credit Union, Employees of Somerset Academy Charter School K-12 at Jefferson County, and State of Florida Employees who are currently working, retired, or residing in Jefferson County. Immediate family members of these employees area also eligible to join, and any persons living, working or worshiping in Jefferson County.

How are Credit Unions Different than Banks?

Many people do not understand what a credit union really is, and how it differs from a bank. A Credit Union is different than a Bank in that it is:

Credit Unions Banks
  • Not for profit
  • Owned by its members
  • Volunteer Board of Directors
  • Supervised by Volunteer Audit Committee
  • For Profit
  • Owned by stockholders
  • Compensated Board of Directors
  • Compensated Audit Committees

Once you join the credit union, you may remain a member for life, even if you leave your present job, retire, or move out of the area. Remember, "Once a member, always a member"!