Jefferson County Teachers Credit Union is a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution serving its members since 1964 with a wide range of services to meet all their financial needs.

Membership in Jefferson County Teachers Credit Union is limited to those who are employees of the Jefferson County School Board, Employees of the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners, Employees of the City of Monticello, Employees of Aucilla Christian Academy, Employees of the Jefferson County Senior Citizens Center, Employees of Aucilla Solid Waste Administration, Employees of the Jefferson County Health Department, Employees of this Credit Union, Employees of Somerset Academy Charter School K-12 at Jefferson County, and State of Florida Employees who are currently working, retired, or residing in Jefferson County, any persons living, working or worshiping in Jefferson County and immediate family members and combinations of such persons.

As a member, you actually are a owner of the credit union. You have a vote in the elections held annually to fill positions on the voluntary Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.

Once you join the credit union, you are always a member, even if you leave your job, retire, or move out of the area. As long as you keep your account open, the full range of benefits are available to you.


Recent enactment of the BSA Patriot Act requires the Credit Union to implement new identification procedures. These procedures require us to see certain identifications, verify the accuracy of that identification and keep copies of the identification.

Board policy will not allow the opening of any share, club, share certificate, or any type of loan account when a member or additional signer(s) (i.e., joint owner, trust account trustee, attorney in fact, etc.) fail to provide sufficient identification and/or fails to assist the Credit Union in the verification of the identification given.

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